Let's get outside
traditional preschool

We’re a non-profit on a mission to make nature-based preschool learning accessible and inclusive for every kid.

Accessible education tools

Nature-based learning

Connected communities

Toddlers are going through enormous
changes in their bodies and brains.

They need connection now more than ever.

Kids from 2-5 want to explore and understand the world within and around them.

Demands and pressures on families and caretakers are overwhelming.

Let's take a deep breath together.

We can make them feel safe, loved, and excited about learning.

Time spent outside and a connection to nature are proven to help them thrive.

We can do more with less.

We're The Empathy in Nature Project

We are parents, caretakers and educators committed to helping young kids thrive. 

Education needs to be more equitable and accessible. That’s why we are creating books, tools, and spaces that can meet the child where they are.

At home, in daycares, and in schools.

We’re creating simple learning tools that help children understand themselves through connection to nature.

Based on evidence, grounded in nature

With the help of our community, we aim to create outdoor preschools that are accessible for lower income children.

These will also serve as important community hubs in under-resourced areas without access to green spaces.

Research shows connection to nature
is instrumental to supporting healthy childhood development

Simple for the
busy parent

Practical, easy activities any parent can implement in as little as 5 minutes a day.

Connection to nature
increases empathy

Empathy is the foundation for thriving
children and communities.

Nurturing a child's sense of wonder

Playing independently outdoors inspires inquiry and enhances social-emotional skills, preparing them for lifelong learning.

With the help of our community we
will make nature-based learning
more accessible.

The earlier a dollar is invested in a child’s life, the higher return it has later.

Here's our plan to transform
early childhood education

Phase 1:

Foster a love of learning

Easy and engaging stories and activities to use anywhere, any time that teach important Social-Emotional concepts while connecting to the natural world.

Phase 2:

Creating Spaces

Outdoor educational spaces in areas with proven lack of daycare options and green spaces.

Phase 3:

Healthy Communities

These preschools will serve as much needed educational parks for under-resourced communities with a complete lack of green spaces

How you can join the cause

If you have a toddler in your life
sign up to be a beta book club member to get free access to our nature-based stories and activity guides as we develop them.

When we get outside the walls we have built, we reconnect with ourselves and each other.

Be part of our village, get in touch.